What are Meta Meals?
A complete meal in the form of a shake that’s designed for gamers.

As gamers, we skip far too many meals because of our long gaming sessions or resort to inhaling junk food in-between loading screens. We need a healthier alternative that can be prepared quickly and gives us the stamina to keep gaming.

Meta Meals are powder based meal shakes that are prepared in under a minute while also providing the optimal balance of protein and carbs to get you through the grind. The best part? They taste great while having 0g of added sugar!

Why drink Meta Meals?
Meta Meals are the solution to your unhealthy eating habits from gaming!

We, as gamers, skip far too many meals and resort to unhealthy options such as fast food, junk food, and snacks because of our long gaming sessions.

Meta Meals are the perfect meal for gamers! They contain natural rhodiola rosea extract which has been used for centuries to help support healthy brain function, reduce mental fatigue, and improve performance. They also contain a full multivitamin with high levels of vitamin A which helps protect the surface of the eye and is essential for healthy vision.

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