Meta Meals was founded by two brothers who grew up on video games and are still avid gamers to this day. They were continuously finding themselves running into the same problem during their long gaming sessions. Every time their squad was on a winning streak and approaching the later hours of the session, they were starving and didn't have time between games to eat. Their only options were to starve, survive off snacks, or get fast food delivered and take a break. Surely there had to be a healthier and better solution.

Then one day a bulb went off in their head while gaming and drinking a protein shake. What if instead of having a protein shake, they could have a meal shake? After many months of vigorous research and testing, a unique formula specifically for gamers was developed. A simple powder you could scoop, add water, shake, and be back to gaming in less than a minute. All while tasting great and having the complete nutrition of a full meal and hitting all the necessary macros. It was at this moment, Meta Meals was born.


Meta Meals are formulated specifically for gamers to provide complete nutrition and hit all necessary macros of protein, carbs, and fats that your body needs. Our base and source of carbs is oat powder, this provides long-lasting energy while also helping you feel full. We then followed this up with medium-chain triglycerides (MCT powder), which is fast-absorbing, to provide an immediate source of energy and healthy fats. Our other main ingredient is whey protein to give your muscles the nutrient they need most to sustain and grow.

As gamers ourselves, we wanted to make sure to include ingredients that helped our game and our health. That's why we included a multivitamin with higher levels of vitamin A. Vitamin A plays a crucial role in having healthy vision by helping to protect the outer surface of your eye. To help bring our game to the next level, we added natural rhodiola rosea extract which helps support healthy brain function and is believed to improve performance by reducing mental fatigue.

And the best part is it tastes great and can be prepared in less than a minute!